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I'm Not Laughing!

Happy April Fool's Day. I don't know the history of why April 1st is such a joke, but I can tell you why today is a joke, if you live in the northeast. Pictures speak a thousand words so I will not say the "S" word in this post. Look at the photo and get a good laugh if you live anywhere but here, and a good cry, or buzz, if you're here with me. Quite frankly I'm sick of the "S" word. I send my sincere condolences to my fellow boaters who were scheduled for splash down today. Why don't we all join together and have our own splash down, of Lickloys!

Why Do Dogs Love Boats?

We work hard all week and can't wait for Friday afternoons to arrive so we can head to the boat to kick back, escape the rat race, and have some fun. Our dogs don't work that hard during the week. Don't get me wrong, they are there for us 24 hours a day. Misty wakes us every morning with a wet nudge so she can be fed, Marley chews my running shoes to get us out the door for a run, and they both spend a lot of time scouting birds and getting muddy. Do they really know it's Friday? All I know is that when they see the boat bag come out, all hell breaks loose. Their tails go into high gear knocking everything down, they jockey for position to be the first one down the stairs, and you better get out of the way or you're going down! When we get to the marina they have to be first down the dock. The leashes have to be on before the tailgate opens otherwise they'd be gone. They politely greet all their neighbors, passing at least twenty boats before boarding their own vessel. I don't know how they know which boat is ours, we never taught them which boat to board. And when we pull into a new port, you think they'd get confused by their new surroundings. Not a chance. They lead us back to our boat every time.  I think they love all the things that we love; sitting on the bow watching the birds hover overhead, the gentle rocking of the boat that lulls us to sleep, and the extra attention that we all get because it's family time. Scientifically, it has a lot to do with the smells. I found that we have five million olfactory scent-detecting cells in our noses. Our dogs have 225 million in theirs. A dog can smell things underwater, even plankton. Scents are rising to the surface, one after another, mixing and morphing. Some are nasty to us. But to the dogs each one is a "Yah Baby"!  

I'm an Eternal Optimist, Really, I Am!

Well at least that's what I've been told by many friends, family and co-workers. But here we are today, the First Day of Spring, and I'm feeling just a little depressed. It has been an incredibly long winter here in the northeast. Just yesterday things were looking up. The sun was shining and warm, the ground was free of the white stuff, and plans were being made to launch the boat. Well, here we are, fifteen hours into Spring and the ground is white AGAIN, I don't see any robins in sight, and I can't imagine the crocuses are thinking about popping up anytime soon. I guess I'll listen to some reggae and mix up a dark and stormy. Better days are coming! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Slainte! St. Patrick's Day is a raucous celebration of Irish heritage - its citizenry, patriotism, and culture - recognized by nations around the world, from Canada and New Zealand to the US and Ireland, itself. But with the holiday mostly focusing on good food, good company, and a healthy dose of liquid refreshment, Ireland's canine contribution is often overlooked. Here, then, is a list of some of our favorite four-legged friends from the Emerald Isle: The Classic Red Irish Setter, The Irish Terrier, The Irish Wolfhound, The Kerry Blue, The Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, and The Kerry Beagle.

Spring is Coming

Both north coasts are getting drenched in rain today. The southeast is basking in sunshine and southern Cal is, well, typical southern California, beautiful. I'm in the northeast and not complaining because rain is better than snow. We're halfway through the month of March which means the boating bug has struck. Who cares if there is still snow on the ground?! There's a process New Englanders go through at the end of every winter to get ready for the boating season - that's how we know Spring is coming.
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