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Captain Fritz to the Rescue

I am dreaming of a scorching hot summer filled with bikini's, sundresses, and lobster salad. If it's half as brutal as the winter we just had I'll be happy. And I promise I will not complain. It seems I'm always cold. It can be 87 degrees in tropical paradise during the day, 70 degrees in the evening, and with the ocean breeze it's cold enough for wool socks and a cashmere sweater. That's when I call on Captain Fritz. I first met Captain Fritz at the Lobster Pot Boathouse Bar and Restaurant in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Kids, Sports and Boats, Oh My!

If you have kids you know Spring is the time of year when the two worlds of boating and sports collide. It's a love-hate thing that you can't get too stressed over. Our boys are passionate about their team sports and boating, so we do our best to fit it all in. And here in New England, that means cramming it all in to about 12 weeks if we're lucky. I know, it sounds crazy doesn't it? The game schedules come out, the dates get plugged into the calendar, and then we begin to plan our summer cruises;  for those two open weekends, the one in July and the one in August.
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