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Dog Overboard: Ocean Institute Staffers Rescue Drowning Deaf Pooch

Dana Point'sOcean Institutestaff are not only dedicated to creatures of the sea, they're heroes to land animals as well. On Wednesday morning, staff members rescued a drowning dog from the frigid waters of the Dana Point Harbor.
Duke, a deaf 65-pound boxer, slipped while boarding his owners' sailboat and became tangled in the boat's lines. Meredith McKenzie, one of Duke's owners, hung off the boat to hold her pooch's head and chest above water. Three Spirit of Dana Point staff members - Eric Martel, Carly Rocha and Mary Elizabeth Portwood - heard Meredith's cries for help around 9am and motored to the rescue on a dinghy.

Boaters Flu

We're heading into town today for the New England Boat Show at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. It's that time of year when boaters in New England are chomping at the bit to get their boats launched to start cruising! Some of us have that nasty bug that attacks your senses making you want to go bigger, and bigger. There's no cure on the horizon, you either ride it out until it passes onto the next poor soul, or succumb to the sickness. Maybe walking the Boat Show will help adjust the attitude enough to make it through to April.

Thank You Steve Jobs for Making the World a Better Place

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011
“It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy."
I'm a huge Apple fan and have worked on a Mac since 1988. When my friend Sally and I owned our marketing communications firm through the 90's, we had lots of Macs; PowerMacs, Mac IIs, iMacs. And we named every one of them; Mustang is the only name I can recall right now, but we loved those computers like they were family.

I've always admired and been thankful for Steve Jobs. I often wondered if he was a boater, always looking at the names of the biggest boats in all the marinas from southern California to Nantucket, hoping to see if  "that one" could be the Apple founder's boat.

Dog Friendly Dining

There are many terrific, dog-friendly outdoor decks up and down the East and West Coasts where you can grab a burger and beer with your pooch, for which I am thankful. I'm excited to announce that I think I just found the first restaurant in New England that will let your dog dine with you inside the restaurant. Capri Seaside Italian Grille and Bar in Salisbury, MA welcomes well-behaved dogs in their exclusive dog-friendly dining room.You, as the dog's owner, know best if your dog's temperament is appropriate to accompany you for public dining.

Tsunami Dogs Stick Together

The devastation in Japan is beyond comprehensible. I find myself constantly thinking about these people and their families and don't know what to do. I make donations, pray, and tentatively watch the news for the latest updates. I just saw a clip on CNN highlighting the misplaced dogs that are waiting to be found by their loved one or rescued by some kind soul. I am reminded, and amazed, that dogs are as loyal as they come and will stick together when the going gets tough. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all in Japan, we know you will persevere!
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