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                     Come Boating!
Some people say that boats are money pits and that one is better off without the hassle. I happen to think that boating is a great way for a family to spend quality time together. I don't think it matters what kind or size of boat you have, it's getting out on the water that provides that feeling of freedom.

Last Fall, our then 14 year old son put it like this when writing a piece for a class at school.

"The boat and the ocean have become the center of my family. Even from before I was born, there wasn't a lot of time when my parents weren't on the water. But once my brother and I came into the world, they knew that our lives would be based around being on the boat.

There aren't many places I would rather be. Whenever I'm on the ocean I'm always at peace. There is no fighting, no arguing, and even the most tedious of chores feels like nothing. My family always feels balanced. As long as we're on the boat or near the ocean everything just feels right.

The ocean is the life force of my family, its what drives us and keeps everything in line. Without it, life wouldn't be the same. This I believe."

We've created this community as a forum for those passionate about dogs and boats. Any kind of boat; it's getting on the water with your furry friend that counts. We want to hear about your adventures on the lake, river, pond, or ocean. Our mission is to find the best places, products, tips and tricks for having a safe and fun time on the water, and share them with you.

WAIT: Check your oil levels when the engine is cool for an accurate reading.

We hope to inspire, inform, indulge and intrigue. Life is short, get out there and have fun!

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to drop us a line at

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